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: Feelings and emotions are very important components of our life. Feelings and emotions differentiate human beings from computers. We are achieving success in making computers intelligent (AI) but so far, we have not been successful in developing computers having feelings and emotions. Briefly defining emotions, It is the stirred-up state of the organism having both physiological as well as psychological (feelings) concomitants. Positive emotions, like happiness, have a positive effect on our health, and negative emotions, like anger, have deleterious effects. Emotions like anger, jealousy, etc activate our nervous system, heart rate increases, blood pressure, breathing, etc all go out of synchrony, pour stimulating chemicals into our blood system, and affect our cognitive and behavioural functioning. To have healthy Health we must learn to have a balanced emotional life.

It is an overall physical (bodily) condition of an individual at a given time. It is the soundness of the body, free from disease and infirmity. It can also be defined as a feeling of physical wellbeing. It may be noted that whenever we talk of Health, it is always physical health, measured in terms of Signs and symptoms. Signs are what a physician objectively measures (e.g., body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc), and symptoms are what a patient reports on the basis of his perceived body/physical condition (e.g., headache, giddiness, restlessness, etc.). Physical health is objectively definable, measurable, and perceivable. Here, in our assessment or measurement of Health, Physical health is considered Dependent Variable (DV), and other variables/factors that directly or indirectly influence Health (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress, etc) are Independent Variables (IV), generally identified as cause (IV) and effect (DV).

It is a positive state of mind in which we realize our own abilities, make choices, and how we work productively. It is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes how he thinks, feels, and acts. It is not just the absence of mental illness, it is a positive state of mind. Mental health greatly influences our physical health. For example, when an individual is under depression, the physical health gets affected.

It is a state of development where one has purposeful life, feels at peace with the self/life, has self-actualization, has values and beliefs that provide a purpose in life, and searches for deeper meaning in life. In behaviour and actions, one learns forgiveness, compassion, optimism, love, altruism, truth, non-violence, comes close to the nature, etc. In place of a mundane ordinary everyday existence, where mere satisfaction of biological needs, one develops a higher level of existence, enlightened life, like those of saints and enlightened persons. One develops to harbour positivity in life, no negative emotions, an evolved personality, and perceives himself/herself close to God and nature. Such a state of personality development leads to what we may call Healthy Health.

We are social animals, our existence, behaviour, and adjustment in life is influenced to a great extent by the way we adjust and react in social situations. Adapting in social situations, adverse or favourable, defines our social health and social well-being. WHO has included social health as an important component in defining Health. Our ability to have satisfying inter-personal relations, ability to adapt in different and trying situations determines our social health. An individual having positive and satisfying relations in the social situations is found to be a healthy and happy person.

Financial Health, here, refers to the state of one’s personal monetary affairs and how it impacts his/her health. In contemporary times, it is observed that economic values are at the top of the hierarchy and people tend to spend more than their income. Because of the availability of easy loans and credit cards, one tends to spend much more than what our ancestors did. The trend is to acquire more and more luxury goods, like Scooters, Cars, ACs, Refrigerators, fancy mobiles, televisions, etc. All this leads to financial stress that impacts both our mental and physical health. Research indicates that financial stress in the contemporary times impacts our health much more than any other type of stress.

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Happiness can be simply defined as pleasant subjective feelings/experience. We all know when we are happy or unhappy. Happiness is a positive feeling/emotion close to what we call an experience of joy, elation, ecstasy, euphoria, high spirits, exuberance, etc. It is a state of mind, a subjective feeling of blissfulness. Happiness promotes Health and a healthy person is a happy person.

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